April 10 - 12, 2016
Hilton Austin, Austin, Texas

Day 1

11:00 am - 11:59 pm Welcome Reception and Registration

11:45 am - 11:59 pm Orientation

12:00 pm - 11:59 pm Ice Breaker

12:15 pm - 11:59 pm Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

12:30 pm - 11:59 pm One company, one brand: Developing a Consistent Employment Brand and Delivering that Promise To Lure Ideal Candidates and Maximize Candidate Experience and Engagement

Lisa Mitchell-Kastner - VP Talent Acquisition, AT&T
What makes a candidate choose to stay with one company over other job offers? Strategically communicating your employer brand during the hiring process is the first step to boost employee engagement and retention. A recent Global Talent Management and Rewards survey indicates that companies that adopted an integrated approach to strategic definition, design and execution of employee benefits within a comprehensive EVP context - from hiring to onboarding and beyond - are 5x more prone to have highly engaged employees and are twice as prone to gain significant financial performance over organizations that don’t (towerswatson.com).
Forward-thinking Talent Acquisition Leaders are taking the lead on implementing a solid and consistent employer brand across channels to target top candidates, as well as ensuring that promise is being delivered through the different phases in the talent cycle, to aid employee retention.

In this session learn how AT&T got to the Top 10 Employer Brands with an award-winning campaign
to consolidate branding efforts into “One AT&T”:
Infusing the brand core values into all social channels to target top candidates
Following conversations closely to understand how they are influencing and shaping
the brand’s perception
Thinking outside the careers site box: Integrating social networks, SEO, Mobile, and driving traffic by making it easy for the candidate to connect and share information
Tracking success throughout the campaign


Lisa Mitchell-Kastner

VP Talent Acquisition

1:05 pm - 11:59 pm Integrating Diversity and Inclusion into Recruiting to Attract Top Diverse Talent and Deliver Business Results with Agility

Forward thinking talent acquisition leaders are well aware of the importance of enhancing diversity, inclusion and outreach efforts and to focus on cultivating an inclusive work culture, thereby increasing the pipeline of talent to the industry by hiring, developing and retaining diverse individuals. A diverse team of workers generates a wide range of benefits for the business, including increased productivity, attracting the widest pool of candidates, as well as enhanced creativity and innovation based on a broader perspective of the world.
Join the Chief Diversity Officer and VP Talent Acquisition with Centene to learn more on developing a comprehensive diversity strategy:
  • Recruiting across age groups, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and multi-cultural backgrounds
  • Talent mapping to your recruitment campaigns align with the communities you operate in
  • Advertising communications using inclusive language
  • Diversity recruitment KPIs, analytics and reporting that prove more agility and productivity

1:45 pm - 11:59 pm Moving from Measuring Basic Metrics to Optimizing your Talent Acquisition Practices through the Use of Data Insights

Dyke DeBrie - Director, Smarter Workforce, Talent Acquisition and Learning, IBM
Time to hire and cost of hire remain common metrics used by recruiting teams. But what would happen if we could combine all of our talent acquisition data with other data about our employees and candidates? Big data is projected to increase 800% within the next five years - and 80 percent of that data will be unstructured (emails, social media posts, feed videos and resumes), according to Gartner. The increasing amount of big data is at the same time a challenge and an opportunity for talent acquisition teams. Business intelligence applied to big data can help leaders model patterns and understand future behavior.
Successful talent acquisition leaders are leveraging big data with business intelligence technology to gather relevant insights, and maximize the potential of recruitment metrics. They are effectively being able to process the exponential growth of applications being received, and other talent data coming from different sources.
Join this session to learn more about boosting your recruitment results, by:
  • Adjusting recruitment strategies by looking at new metrics like quality of hire
  • Understanding the top predictors of employee metrics like retention
  • Implementing predictive hiring techniques

Dyke DeBrie

Director, Smarter Workforce, Talent Acquisition and Learning

2:20 pm - 11:59 pm Business Meetings x 2 | Networking Break

3:45 pm - 11:59 pm Understanding and Reaching Today’s Digital Job Seeker: Making your Employer Brand Stand-out with Video Technology

Lindsay Stanton - Chief Client Officer, Digi-Me
As more job seekers continue to use Google, niche job sites and social media platforms (including LinkedIn) to find long-term careers, an explosive interest has erupted in regards to recruitment digital media. Employers have since realized that harnessing the power of video as their primary type of digital media communication is a highly effective avenue for finding and locating top talent for a wide range of industries and career levels. In fact, recruitment videos have been proven to boost the SEO of existing recruitment campaigns while truly exemplifying a company’s culture.
A candidate that watches a video retains up to 60% more about a job position than by reading a text posting alone. For recruiters, this higher content retention translates into increased self-selection, so not only do you get more qualified candidates, but you also spend less time and money in the screening process.
Learn first-hand from successful case-studies:
  • Capturing candidate data efficiently and integrating it with your ATS to streamline the hiring process
  • Increasing outreach of mobile and passive candidates
  • Going viral by integrating social sharing tools, broadening the reach of the campaign
  • Tracking results and identifying the best channels for future recruitment efforts


Lindsay Stanton

Chief Client Officer

4:20 pm - 11:59 pm Campus Recruiting: Expanding your Student Pipeline to Secure Diversity and Boost Business Performance

Bruce Maclane - Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Exide Technologies
On-campus recruiting is seen as a quick and easy way to source junior-level recruits and link qualified students to open jobs and internships. This strategy might yield a good return on investment at first sight: in some companies, 80% of interns become full-time employers. As more and more organizations seek to recruit students in Top Tier prestigious universities, the landscape is becoming extremely competitive, causing organizations to invest millions of dollars and not always being able to get the talent diversity and high-achievers they need. Organizations solely focused on Top Tier schools may not be reaching high-achievers who have attended less prestigious universities for reasons not related with ability. Also, by adopting exclusionary school lists and school quotas, organizations may be closing their eyes to diversity, which is one of the metrics for successful recruiting and talent efficiency; research shows that diverse teams and organizations can outperform homogenous ones.

Join this session to discuss how forward-thinking talent acquisition leaders are allocating recruiting resources more efficiently to expand their campus pipeline. Topics to be discussed include:
  • Adopting a wider definition of educational quality to include universities that exhibit both high levels of academic achievement and diversity, including job-relevant coursework or hands-on training.
  • Designating specialized recruiting streams for Top Tier and non-listed students, including dedicated staff and recruiting weeks.
  • Applying industry-focused, performance-based exercises to measure skills and competencies

Bruce Maclane

Vice President of Talent Acquisition
Exide Technologies

4:55 pm - 11:59 pm Business Meetings x 2

6:05 pm - 11:59 pm Aligning Talent Mobility and Internal Hiring to Improve Retention and Advance Your Global Workforce

Liana Mackey - Director Talent Management Dell
Steve Bonomo - VP Global Talent Acquisition, Adidas
Steve Fogarty - Head of Talent Acquisition Futures, Adidas
Mobility opportunities and internal hiring are a key factor to aid employee retention, as well as attracting and engaging the next generation of employees: 71% of millennials say they want and expect an overseas assignment during their careers. (Pwc, 2015). Organizations will need to move and deploy talent quickly and find ways to overcome external challenges such as tax, social security and immigration requirements. Recruiting strategies will need to be more sophisticated to manage growing deployment and relocation demands, and at the same time handle different needs and expectations of four generations of workers – baby boomers, generation X, millenials and generation Z. Currently, most internal hiring occurs on a case-by-case basis with very few organized programs in place.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Strategies to define the best programs for internal recruiting and mobility, to boost your retention rates
  • Aligning global sourcing and deployment with wider business strategy
  • Leveraging the role of technology to support global working arrangements
  • Designing a well-defined program for advancement opportunities and lateral opportunities
  • Integrating mobile opportunities into your employee value proposition for Millennials

Steve Bonomo

VP Global Talent Acquisition


Steve Fogarty

Head of Talent Acquisition Futures


Liana Mackey

Director Talent Management

7:00 pm - 11:59 pm Networking Dinner