April 10 - 12, 2016
Hilton Austin, Austin, Texas

Lisa Mitchell-Kastner

VP Talent Acquisition

12:30 PM One company, one brand: Developing a Consistent Employment Brand and Delivering that Promise To Lure Ideal Candidates and Maximize Candidate Experience and Engagement

What makes a candidate choose to stay with one company over other job offers? Strategically communicating your employer brand during the hiring process is the first step to boost employee engagement and retention. A recent Global Talent Management and Rewards survey indicates that companies that adopted an integrated approach to strategic definition, design and execution of employee benefits within a comprehensive EVP context - from hiring to onboarding and beyond - are 5x more prone to have highly engaged employees and are twice as prone to gain significant financial performance over organizations that don’t (towerswatson.com).
Forward-thinking Talent Acquisition Leaders are taking the lead on implementing a solid and consistent employer brand across channels to target top candidates, as well as ensuring that promise is being delivered through the different phases in the talent cycle, to aid employee retention.

In this session learn how AT&T got to the Top 10 Employer Brands with an award-winning campaign
to consolidate branding efforts into “One AT&T”:
Infusing the brand core values into all social channels to target top candidates
Following conversations closely to understand how they are influencing and shaping
the brand’s perception
Thinking outside the careers site box: Integrating social networks, SEO, Mobile, and driving traffic by making it easy for the candidate to connect and share information
Tracking success throughout the campaign

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Lisa.

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