April 10 - 12, 2016
Hilton Austin, Austin, Texas

Sebastien Girard

VP Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning
Parkland Health and Hospital System

9:20 AM Exploring New Trends in Recruiting Technology to Streamline the Hiring Process and Provide a Great Candidate Experience

Candidates of today expect an automated, seamless application process when they apply for a job. If your application process is unnecessarily lengthy and tedious, besides loosing agility, chances are you are missing out on the best candidates as well. Applicant Tracking Systems and other integrated software allow for a fluid communication between the candidate and the employer, improving the candidate experience, speeding up the hiring process and maximizing the reach of recruiting campaigns. What are some of the challenges leaders face when seeking to streamline the hiring process? What are some of the trends and best practices recruiting leaders are implementing to provide a great candidate experience?

Join this interactive discussion on the challenges and trends of recruiting technology to broaden the reach of hiring campaigns and increase candidate satisfaction. Key topics include:
  • Adapting recruiting to Millenials and Generation Z: trends and best practices to cater for a real-time audience
  • Leveraging social media tools to broaden the reach of the campaign
  • Ensuring internal buy-in of new technology; key performance metrics
  • What’s next in the recruiting technology space?

2:35 PM Implementing Fluid Workforce Planning Models to Stay on Top of Global Demographic and Economic Shifts

Demographic changes around the world such as an aging workforce, shrinking birth rates, and migration moves – are challenging recruiting leaders all around the globe and intensifying the war for talent. These trends are increasingly shaping the way the workforce is sourced, organized and managed: employees have more options, employers have less. The emergence of Millennials as the largest generation in the workforce, along with an explosion of business growth potential in emerging markets are contributing to a significant need for companies to move people around and source talent away from home.

With the perspective of a cyclic economic downturn coming up in 2-3 years, how can Talent Acquisition leaders sustain their workforce pipeline and assist the organization to reach their business goals, beyond challenging times?

Join this session to discuss successful workforce planning models and strategies:
  • Talent pipeline planning: leveraging demographics, macroeconomic and talent data to determine better resource allocation, for example, what are the best locations to invest in recruitment campaigns for certain skills
  • Talent acquisition: identify who is the top talent, time frame for hiring, and matching the value proposition for a particular job offer with the top talent’s preferences
  • Job-response optimization: optimize job-postings response with tailored best practices to achieve better responses to jobs postings based upon factors such as duration, location, occupation, and industry

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