April 10 - 12, 2016
Hilton Austin, Austin, Texas

Sterling Bates

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
The Right Profile

11:10 AM Recruiting Secrets of the NFL & MLB: Learn from Their Mistakes and Leverage the Solutions of Top Teams

Why do some teams excel in drafting and building their talent while others consistently miss? Part of the difference is better information. Talent acquisition gets increasingly complicated the higher the dollars, the greater the cost of making a mistake and when your multi-million dollar hire is not even yet 25 years old. High profile recruiting failures not only consume tons of time and resources for any department, but also have the ability to tear at the fabric of organizational culture and inflame shareholders. So, imagine the stress involved in drafting top professional athletes and the amount of diligence required to make the right decisions when every fan is an armchair coach and every sports journalist a critic.

Everyone sweats their hiring decisions. Learn from an insider's perspective on how to avoid some of the high profile mistakes from pro sports. Leverage in your organization what the best teams in pro sports use to consistently beat out their competitors in the game of talent acquisition.
Join Sterling Bates, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of The Right Profile as he details how some of their company’s top clients in the NFL and MLB (including the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Royals) leverage people-centric science (Mental Moneyball) to help them evaluate and draft top talent. Find out why:
  • Significant diamonds in the rough (like Tom Brady) are often overlooked in early rounds when only obvious traits (physical in this case) are considered.
  • How one of The Right Profile’s clients, the Kansas City Royals, built an entire team focusing on mental intangibles and won a world series while spending roughly half the league’s top spenders on salaries.
  • How your most important hires are like the MLB or the NFL but not both. And you need to know why before you hire.

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